Delicious local cuisine with locally-sourced products

It's Michel Chomilier who works in the kitchen.

His principles: good local products, seasonal cuisine, dishes that show off the products and recipes from the region, the time to construct good dishes and daily specials according to the season, to encourage discovery of the diversity in regional recipes.

During the autumn season, mushrooms from the local woods are often invited to the table, including ceps, chanterelles and hedgehog mushrooms...

The vegetables are predominantly from the garden next to the hotel.

The meat is all exclusively of French origin, and comes mostly from the Auvergne or Limousin regions.

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A large dining room and a terrace over the water

You will be able to dine in the large dining room with bay windows that look out over the lake, which can hold 60 people. Or better yet, as soon as the weather is fine enough, on the shaded panoramic terrace which overhangs the lake.

A real double delight!