Varied menus to suit all tastes and at very gentle prices

To help you decide, Michel Chomilier offers you a choice from several set menus and an à la carte menu.

Daily menu, Truffade menu, Fried fish menu or set menus and of course a children's menu, completed by a "Local" menu and a "Gourmet" menu, plenty of choice to delight you and add a bit of variety.

And for special occasions, the dining room can hold family groups or tourist groups with "Banquet" Menus or "Group" Menus.

Have a look at our menus and for particular events, feel free to contact us - we will be able to create a meal for you that you'll love.

Daily menu, Truffade menu, Fried fish menu, Set menus, Children's menu  Local menu, Gourmet menu, Banquet menu, Group menu