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A visit to Vulcania is an exciting and fun experience for families, couples and friends. Located just a few kilometers from the Belle Vue hotel, Vulcania is a theme park dedicated to the discovery and understanding of volcanoes and the natural phenomena associated with them.

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  1. Interactive discovery: Vulcania offers a host of interactive exhibits and attractions that allow visitors to explore the world of volcanoes in a fun and educational way. You can take part in simulations of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and natural phenomena. Interactive exhibits help you understand the geological mechanisms behind these phenomena.
  2. 4D cinemas: The park’s 4D cinemas immerse you in thrilling volcanic adventures. You can feel the heat, the tremors and even the smells associated with volcanic eruptions thanks to immersive special effects. These cinematic experiences give you an intense experience and a deeper understanding of the forces of nature.
    Shows and entertainment: Throughout the day, Vulcania offers shows and entertainment to entertain and educate visitors. From scientific demonstrations to live experiments, these shows let you learn more about volcanoes, geology and natural phenomena in a fun, interactive way.
  3. Outdoor park: In addition to indoor exhibits, Vulcania also has an outdoor park where you can stroll and enjoy the surrounding nature. Hiking trails let you explore the region’s volcanic landscapes, lakes and unique geological formations. You can also
Learning the fun way

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